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  • P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)
  • P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)
  • P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)
  • P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)

P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)

Product NameP-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)Molecular Structure

P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (PHBA)

Other NameP-Hydroxy Benzaldehyde; 4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde; Para-Hydroxy   Benzaldehyde; PHBA
CAS No123-08-0
Molecular FormulaC7H6O2

AppearanceLight Yellow Crystalline PowderWhite Crystalline Powder
Melting Point114.5-117℃115.5-117℃

Packing25kg woven bag or 25kg fibre drum

Product UsageIt's the important intermediates of pharmaceutical industry and spices. In foreign , it's also used for synthesis of bromoxynil and chloroxynil which are kind of herbicides, and also used in the manufacture of bactericide, photographic emulsifier, nickel plating luster agent, liquid crystal, etc; In the pharmaceutical field, it can be used for synthesis of amoxicillin, antibacterial synergistic agent named TMP, 3,4,5-TrimethoxybenzaldehydeArtificial gastrodia elata, farrerol, esmololhydrochloride; In the spicery field, it can be used for synthesis of spicery,for example: vanillin, ethyl vanillin, piperonal, springaldehyde, p-anisaldehyde, raspberry ketone natural,etc.