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Chloramine T

Product NameChloramine TMolecular Structure氯胺T 三水合物 ACS reagent, 98%Chloramine T
Other NameChloramine-T   Trihydrate; N-Chloro-P-Toluenesulfonamide Sodium Salt
CAS   No127-65-1
Molecular FormulaC7H7SO2NNaCl•3H20

AppearanceWhite Powder
Active Chlorine≥24.5%
Heavy Metal≤5ppm

Packing25kg woven bag or 25kg fibre drum

Product UsageThis disinfectant is for external use only, it can exterminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, spore. The action principle is that chlorine can sterilize slowly and lastingly, and also can dissolve necrotic tissue, chlorine come from hypochlorous acid which is produced by Chloramine-T solution. Apply to disinfect drinking water container,food,all kind of tableware, fruits and vegetables,and cleaning wound, mucous membrane.