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Chloramine B

Product NameChloramine BMolecular StructureChloramine BN-氯苯磺酰胺 钠盐 ~28% active chlorine basis
Other NameN-Chloro   Benzenesulfonamide Sodium Salt; Chloramine B Hydrate
CAS   No127-52-6
Molecular FormulaC6H5SO2NNaCl·xH2O

AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
Active Chlorine≥27%
Heavy Metal≤5ppm

Packing25kg woven bag or 25kg fibre drum

Product UsageIt's a organochlorine disinfectant, and the effective chloric arrive 26-28%, the property is stable, only loss 0.1% effective chloric after airtight kept 1 year . Slightly soluble in water, and Stimulating & corrosive is small, so the efficacy is slower than hypochlorous acid. Chloramine-B is mainly used for disinfecting container of drinking water, all kind of tableware, fruits and vegetables(5ppm), aquaculture water and enamel instruments(1%). It’s also can be used for cleaning breast of cattle, milk cup, livestock urinary tract, festering,etc.